crime in America….

Follow this link to get an overview of crime in America: .  Then read this article and look at graphs found in this article:

Select one statistic or fact that catches your eye.  What is it?  Why do you think it catches your eye? To add some perspective, find the sidebar where it says “compare American crime to….” another country.  Click on it and respond.  What similarities and differences do you see here? What do you think this statistic (on its own and when compared to another country) says about American culture? When finished with your post, read and respond to at least 1 other post.

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15 Responses to crime in America….

  1. Jack says:

    One statistic that I found interesting was the amount of total crime. The United States is #1 with 11.88 million crimes. England, the #2 country, has 6.52 million crimes. This is interesting because as an American I feel really safe in my country and my city. However these numbers say otherwise. We are almost double the next country in total crimes. One could say that this number is inflated due to our population. However countries like India and china do not show up high on this list. This number makes our culture look bad. One conclusion that can be drawn is that our type of government is an issue. We are a democratic superpower. People may think that our government gives too much freedom and that could be the reason for this large amount of crimes. Our culture is also different from any other countries. We want more and more. We are never content with what we have. The majority of crimes are fraud and stealing. We want more money and some people will do anything they can to achieve it.

    • J.Jay Lim says:

      I think that this is true in that us as americans always want to be as best as we can, but sometimes we are good in things that aren’t good.

    • Bethany says:

      I agree. We can obviously see people wanting more and more. Just like the iPhone. You always have to get the new one and keep up-to-date on the newest technology.

  2. J.Jay Lim says:

    I am surprised at the fact that countries with the lowest amount of in-home guns have the most murder rates. I would think that the more guns that a country has per 100 people. The more murders that would take place. his means that murder with a knife or a melee weapon is more popular than shooting a person form a distance with a firearm. Some differences that I see between the United states and Canada is that the united states has almost a 40% more crime rate than Canada. A similarity that I see are that we share the first and second spot for annual drug use. I think what this shows about american culture is that we have freedoms, but sometimes, we are given too much freedom that we get reckless with it.

    • jack says:

      I completely agree.

      • Abby says:

        Your comparisons between the United States and Canada are very accurate. Do you think we have more similar rates with Canada and Mexico because we share boundaries, compared to us and Japan? How would you say closer countries effect the US?

  3. Bethany says:

    I found it interesting how the United States is ranked 9th in the overall murder rate. That’s out of 196 countries (including Taiwan). As compared to the Netherlands, they are the 63rd. That is 73 times higher. That is still high, but small compared to the US. We are obviously all broken. This just proves that. Another thing I found interesting was that more crime happens at night in the Netherlands, then in the United States. In the US, we are ranked 60th out of all the countries for numbers of crime at night. The Netherlands is ranked 30th. That is 48% more than the US. Maybe Americans just commit a very very wide range of crimes that do not all need to happen at night, or Americans just don’t wait until the night to commit their said crime.

    • Cassie says:

      That’s interesting that the Netherlands have a higher crime rate at night than the United States. I personally feel like we tend to feel more fear of crime happening at night in the dark where we could be in serious danger than during the day when we can see.

  4. Cassie says:

    I personally found it interesting that the fear of crime in the United States is ranked 60th out of 19 in addition to feeling safe walking home alone at night. I am surprised that we aren’t ranked higher since we have the highest crime rate. When I compared the United States and Jamaica, I found that Jamaica has a higher crime level and murder rate than we do. We also have 11 times more gun crime when they count a gun per 100 residents. Jamaica is ranked 71st, while we are ranked number one. A similarity I found is that we are pretty close when it comes to our judicial system. We only have 1% more than they do. After comparing these two countries, I think this definitely shows huge culture change and our government system. In America we have the right to bear arms which may be different in Jamaica which could also lead to another conclusion as to why we have higher gun crime rates

  5. Malia says:

    The 88.8/100 people own guns surprised me, I feel like that is really high. I know that there is a ton of debate on gun control and who should be allowed to be in possession of these weapons. 88.8/100 people is a lot of people, well over 50%, that statistic makes me question who all I’m around owns a gun or has one in their house when I stay there?

    • Caleb says:

      That stat suprised me to, but what I wondered was if it accounted for gun owners with multiple guns. I think that could explain the high number.

  6. Mallory says:

    The statistics about gun ownership really surprised me. Although it seems like many of the recent news stories are related to incidents with concealed carry weapons, but it does not seem like that many people actually own weapons. I was also really surprised by the fact that America had one of the highest crime rates, because I have always felt relatively safe. Overall I though all these statistics were really interesting facts, and I did not know how uniformed I was about the crime rates in America.

  7. Caleb says:

    Did you know that annualy upwards of 11 million crimes are commited? Holy cow. And that doesn’t even account for all the jay walking. Seriously though, that statistic was from 2011, and allwe see in the new is that crime rates keep going up. If you do the math that comes to approxamitely 460 murders (not including homocides) a year.

    It also amazes me that we are so high up on the number of gun crimes, even compared to countries like Isreal where most men have guns.

  8. Roberto says:

    Each day, on an average, 13 children under the age of 19 are killed by gunfire and more are injured. Homicide is the second leading cause of death for youths 10–19 years old. For black males of this age, it’s the No.1 cause of death. Most youth homicides are committed with firearms. The United States has 88 firearms per 100 people. Yemen, the second highest gun ownership country in the world has 54.8. The third and fourth biggest countries may also come as a surprise, Switzerland has 45.7 and Finland has 45.3. I think that getting rid of firearms is not a solution to reduce violence

  9. Abby says:

    While reading the articles, I found myself wondering how the statistics were wavered. For example, how many Americans who own guns have concealed to carry licsenses, and if that plays into our statistic or not. This could change how we are compared to other countries. I thought it was good that even though the Unites States has many people who own guns, we aren’t near the top of the charts for homicide. To me this says that despite the common gun ownership, guns are not always abused. I’d be interested to find out the difference in gun types from country to country.

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