iGods: the impact of technology on our spiritual and social lives

Respond to the comments we heard this morning at the January Series.  What did you agree with?  What did you disagree with?  What surprised you?  What made you think?  Use specifics.  Avoid the temptation to jump into text language.  I expect complete sentences and well-crafted paragraphs.

When finished with your own response, read through others and respond to at least two of them with questions or comments.

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32 Responses to iGods: the impact of technology on our spiritual and social lives

  1. Abby says:

    Motivated yet? When this is heard, youth of today automatically get defensive. Even though there is reason for this phrase, like people feeling left out, and not enough physical interaction, there is reason to be defensive as well. The significance to the defense is an idea like pulling out a cell phone at the dinner table, to advance conversation. Just today, during my lunch, me and a fellow friend were talking about cancer and how many people die of cancer around the world. Further thought gave us the urge to want know the leading cause of death. Although I was not powered down, I was able to be powered up by learning what I want to know by a single slide. In the end, I now know the leading cause of death today is heart disease.

    • Jack says:

      I completely agree

    • Eric says:

      I do prefer face to face interactions however phones do allow me to stay connected with my friends when away. Other than that nothing beats face to face conversation.

    • Bethany says:

      I agree. If someone says something that reminds me of something I saw on my phone, I will want to show them.

    • Cassie says:

      I agree that we as teenagers definitely get defensive to the comments that we are on our phones all the time. However it can be proven that we aren’t always since not all teenagers do have smart phones. Technology can also be very helpful to look things up and learn something new depending on if you use it properly

    • Jerry says:

      Agree, I can do research at anytime with a smartphone too

  2. Jack says:

    Everything has pros and cons. So when we ask Is technology a blessing or a curse? Many different opinions will be shared based on the period we lived in and upbringing. For example most people do not allow phones at the dinner table. To me this is a strange concept because in my house we have intense discussions that need someone to look up information to enhance our knowledge on the topic in question. It has become a necessity in this day and age. On the other hand the phrase we are alone together really makes me think. It is true that technology brings everyone closer together. However these bonds that we are creating with each other are not as strong as they would be if we talked face to face everyday instead of over a screen. We are becoming more social with each generation but our people skills are diminishing as well.

    • Eric says:

      We do have access to more information but too much can be overwhelming.

      • Abril says:

        I agree, if there is something that we are talking about but we need more information then its good to have our phones. Also because of the period we live in it is important to have our phones and technology.

    • COLLIN Q says:

      I agree with jack. Technology can be used to further discussions and interactions with others. Just the other night I used my phone at the table to look up something about 16th century boats because that’s what we were talking about. We all learned something from that and made the discussion that much better. So I think technology can be used in the right way when interacting with others.

  3. Eric says:

    It feels today that our generation is attacked relentlessly by others because of how we use technology. Yes, we have become reliant on our phones, laptops, i-pads and all else but everything also runs from there. We get a notification on our phone about Facebook, instagram and twitter and we feel the need to check it then. I am not innocent from this at all. Once we check we are sucked in and can spend hours on our phone looking at social media. However on social media we are able to keep up with friends and have more social time outside of school. How dependent we have become to technology is one of the reasons I think older people view technology as evil, but without it some wouldn’t be alive or live as long. Technology has in some ways made our lives easier with everything being accessible on a phone, but more difficult with the amount of information we digest each day. Is technology bad?

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not think older people necessarily view technology as evil, I feel some are just more hesitant about it. They grew up in a totally different time than we did. I feel like this changes their view of it a little, but not necessarily in a negative way at all.

      • J.Jay says:

        I think this is very true. My grandparents have windows 8 computers and smart phones. They ask me all the time to teach them things on the computer because they love how technology can be resourceful and it makes their lives easier. They have their own blogs and created a website for our family, but they do realize the consequences of spending too much time on them and tell me to step away from it and do something “old fashioned.”

    • Caleb says:

      I find usually people who are attacking technology either don’t understand it or refuse to use it for other reasons. In fact I have exprience with both side ot the spectrum, my grandpa who skypes on the daily, and my grandma who has sworn of computers over and over. So I don’t think they view it as evil.

  4. Jack says:

    Like I said in my comment it all depends on your culture and upbringing. We can’t say technology as a whole is good or bad. It has good and bad qualities. On one side we are having break through discoveries to save peoples lives while on the other hand we use technology to take lives. Its all a matter of opinion.

  5. Bethany says:

    One of the questions Mr. Detweiler asked was “Is technology a blessing or a curse?”. His answer was yes. I agree with this. Technology can be great, but also sometimes a hindrance. Pros to technology are things like reminding me of tasks I need to completed, and waking me up in the morning. We are very dependent on these little devices that fit in our pocket. Sometimes, maybe a little too dependent. I know personally, without my phone I feel lost. I’m always asking “What time is it?” and my phone can give me that information with just the push of a button. I find this helpful. But constantly having our phones with us, at least I feel, can lead to temptation. The temptation to text your friend back in the middle of class or to play back your friends because they didn’t answer correctly on trivia crack and it’s your turn! Can admiring turn into obsessing? I feel that our phones are amazing resources, but sometimes we just need to put them down and take in our surroundings with our eyes instead of through our cameras.

    • Cassie says:

      Good point that it can both be a blessing or a curse. I find that an interesting theory in a positive way. I agree that we get so attached to them because for some people it becomes a daily routine to use their phone. However we also need to observe our surroundings in person rather than being on our phones looking down because we miss so many of the important things in our lives.

    • Abby says:

      My answer to that question would be both as well. Living in today’s world we simply cannot live without our phones, however we should learn to live with them, well. Your points of justification were very true, and I would say too many people obsess besides admire, me included.

    • Mallory says:

      I definitely agree, there are pros and cons to technology. My favorite thing about it is that I can talk to and share things with friends that I don’t get to see everyday, however sometimes its hard when you’re actually face to face with someone to avoid snap chatting and instagramming about it. It is super hard to draw the line of what is using, and what is obsessing.

    • Eric says:

      I do feel at times technology can be a hindrance. Such as when its almost ten and I have nothing to do. I would just play on my phone when I could be doing something productive like working on homework, writing a book, reading a book or checking through a large paper I wrote. On the other side it can make me productive when doing homework when I have all the information I need at the touch of a button.

  6. Cassie says:

    After going to see this speech I found many comments interesting, but the one that stood out to me was when he said that technology is comfort and consolation of mixed sin. I think that is very true in our society today that technology is our comfort and when that comfort is lost we don’t know what to do. Along with what I said that some people who use their phones is a daily routine can be helpful, but we need to get out of our comfort zone more often. We rely on our technology more than we do our friends anymore. However it’s different between generation because for older people, they didn’t grow up with the type of technology we have today so they are used to being “unplugged”. But by looking at our phones all the time, we miss so many important events that flash before our eyes. Technology is a privilege and we can use it to help educate ourselves depending on how you use it. Referring back to his comment, technology is also a sin. Since technology is at our fingertips we miss the important times we should be spending with God. So yes, there is time for connection both on our phones and in person. But talking in person is more meaningful than texting your friend sitting right beside you.

    • J.Jay says:

      I completely agree. It’s not like you can text God for help and wisdom. So one way or another, we will need to look up from our phones and pray to God even if you are praying silently in your head.

    • COLLIN Q says:

      I agree with Cassie that less face to face conversations are happening nowadays with so much technology around. It is so easy to just text someone or Snapchat them that it is easy to think that you don’t have to talk to anyone anymore. It is easy to get into this habbit but hard to get out of. Someday when we have real jobs we will have to be talking to people all the time and won’t just be able to use our technology to communicate with everyone. So it is good to practice talking to everyone more than just using technology to interact with other people.

  7. J.Jay says:

    I feel like technology is almost like double or nothing. Without technology we would be more productive and active in other things other than cat videos. However, without it, our world would not get forward in saving lives and coming up with innovations. God gave us technology to use it for his glory by coming out with advancements in medicine and other things that would do God’s will. Even tough, it can save lives and do many other things. It can also hurt other lives and sometimes it can hurt you a lot. Spending hours upon hours in front of a screen may allow you to know what is happening in other parts of the world, but you won’t see what is happening around you. This may affect you relationship with family, friends, and God. If the there is anything that is keeping you from walking and talking to God. Then whatever that obstacle is, it becomes and idol you have to get rid of it. Satan might be using technology as a distraction to keep you away from God. My point is that technology is good to a certain use and extent, but using it for something that is not intended to do good, isn’t.

    • Caleb says:

      On your first point I beleive that technology can also allow s to do things better, and faster. Computers over typewritters any day.

  8. Abby says:

    I think the main point for all of us is simply moderation. Your point about Satan using technology as a distraction is interesting. Isn’t it crazy how the simplest of things, he can use to slowly tear apart our relationships? If we use moderation, the devil won’t be able to distract us through our devices.

  9. COLLIN Q says:

    The average person checks their phone about 150 times per day. This is astonishing. Although this is not the case for some people, others check their phones even more times than this. Some say that God is against technology. I do not agree with this because Jesus was the son a tekton. He was around technology all the time as a kid. I believe that he is all for it, as long as we are not making it an idol. He wants us to use it to be fruitful and learn. As long as we do these things, I believe that God loves that we have technology and wants us to use it wisely. I thought it was a thought provoking when Craig asked what and who is being elevated when we use technology. Are we making our device an idol? Are we elevating ourselves? Are we putting down others? This really makes me think about what I post and say to others. Be fruitful and use your technology to further your education and interactions with others, rather than being consumed by it and making it an idol.

  10. Malia says:

    I don’t think that technology should be looked upon as a bad thing, but I do think that some os get too attached, it’s important to be able to find a balance between when to use it and when not to. I don’t think that it is created to be used as a bad thing or a distraction, in the movie Robots he says “see a need fill a need” and that is what he creators of technology are doing by constantly making and updating their products.

  11. Junior says:

    iGod’s was a very interesting presentation and well there are a few things I agree with and some I disagree with. I really liked something he said and that was “how technology shapes our spiritual and physical lives” and I think that it all just depends how we allow technology to shape us. Technology has grown and helped us to expand in so many ways through time, but it’s advances has also affected us. I do agree with the fact that children shouldn’t be so easily exposed to so much technology because, now a days so many children have tablets and phones and to them having a constant connection online and on games all day is normal. But what about their connection in the real world. Less and less kids these days are learning how to interact with others. Us teens as well have let our technology affect us in a negative way, we are constantly on our phones for everything! Of course this doesn’t go for everyone… I do believe that our technology can cause some sort of stress in our lives the “need” to keep checking it all the time wether it’s for social media, emails, games, updates, notifications, etc… and we feel like we need to keep up with our phones so that we don’t fall behind or miss the new trend on twitter or the awesome new filters added on snapchat and even keeping up with our friends but what about God do we keep up with God? It’s a constant connection! I do believe that God likes technology but I think as soon as we start devoting more and more time to our technology and putting it as our first priority before God that is where I feel like he’s not a big fan of it. We were meant to create and not just consume. Let us learn to worship God through our technology and learn to LOVE those around us more than our technology. Spread the love peeps!

  12. Jerry says:

    I don’t think that technology is a bad thing at all, because with out those smart phones today, things would be so different, like when we are doing homework, we can type it out than just write it down, that will be so much faster, and the thing that surprised me is when he said people check their phone every 5 minutes, and he asked is technology an idol, i will say for some people is an idol, like me, but for other people they use technology because they needed, I think technologies are good as long as we don’t see technology as God

  13. Roberto says:

    I think technology is essential in our lives. It helps us to learn new topics or to learn about something new. I think technology is bad if you use it frequently to a point that it interferes with your work or studies

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