the avengers: boys only

Check out this article…

…and respond in writing.  What do you think of this article?  Is it accurate?  or completely off base?  Which one of these superheroes best captures who you want to be?  Which one best captures American culture circa 2012?  Explain.

After posting your own response, read and respond to at least one other post.

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12 Responses to the avengers: boys only

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that all three resemble American Culture closely. Almost every man in America would jump at the chance to be a billionaire genius that spends his free times flying in a nearly indestructible suit. I think most men want to be Captain America too. His super human strength is a desire for most people and his judgements are just and everyone respects him. I feel like most people in America have Dr. Banner in them. Everyone has a dark side, and they are unsure how and when to use it. Overall, men in America want to be someone other than themselves. I remember the lyrics from a Gnarls Barkley song : “If I ever wanted to understand me, I’d have to talk to someone else…”

  2. Hayden says:

    I think this artical captures most of the what men are represented as, but not all. Not all men are what is discribed although we try to be. I think that the idea of being a person with superpowers intrigues us all wheather we are male or female. I think I would fit best under the status of Captin America.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that men and women alike share some of the same desires. I would want to be Tony Stark because of all the money and power he has. I feel like just because he is a guy most people think only guys could want all he has, but I think that some women would want Tony’s position too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Although I agree with you that most people have the innate desire to see a happy ending and a good character win the battle, I think the self centered narcissist is much more entertaining to watch. Captain America bored me, simply because he was so predictable. I think, to make most movies interesting, you can’t just simply have a clash between purely good and purely evil. The main character and the main villain must have some sort of underlying good or bad side.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think some people don’t want to be like Captin America. The reason is everyone has their own individuality. And, Captin America is not the symbol of America and all Americans, I think.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I believe that the American man dreams of being Tony stark, and admits it openly. These days, there is no shame in being overtly sexual and part of the “hook up” culture. He is also loaded with money, has a sweet iron suit. However, he does desire to do good, and he partially sacrifices himself for this. I, myself disliked Captain America. He was so concerned with self sacrifice he didn’t seem real, almost like he had no human traits. The hulk, I thought, was an interesting character. I think he very actually represented the average person in the world. We work so unbelievably hard to both do our job and control our fuming, boiling emotions. For the most part, we hold our composure, but there are some times where the pressure gets so great the we simply cannot stand it. Usually, when this happens, that is when you hear about someone in an office starting a fist fight and going ballistic.

    • Luke says:

      I like your closing statement. I think you really summed up how people have their emotions just boil over. Controlling them is what is hard about being a human. I found your statement that ” we hold our composure” in most situations to be true. Good post SImon.

  4. Luke says:

    I read this article and saw some things I strongly agreed with and some that I disagreed with. One thing I read which I believe to be accurate was the way they described Captain America. Captain America is described as “the self sacrificing American male”. I see this as an accurate statement. When we see a hero with morals and ethics people tend to latch on to that character. I believe Captain America caught America with his beliefs that a positive lifestyle is more beneficial to society than a life of being a “play boy” in Mr Tony Starks case or as he is called “Iron Man”. This is why I if I had the choice to be one of the men I would choice to live the life of Captain America. The sincerity to do good for people and society and his nation is why I choose him. When someone places others over themselves it can only have positive benefits to the world. Being able to do that shows captain Americas great honor, this is a type of honor I wish I could have one day.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Every men all around the world want to look better because they want to be famous among people. So, looking better for men is not only American culture. It’s instinct that everyone has as being born. But, the expression of looking better can be part of culture. American movies in the article are kind of good examples. The men in the three movies show us what is the style to look good to others. So, Americans made the movies to attract people with their favorite style in America.

    James Jee

  6. Joshua Rossi (2nd Period) says:

    I believe that the article is completely accurate in what the say the characters are like. The American culture of someone who can save people lives and be an average human intrigues many people into wants to do that. It shows how much the way you live you life really matters and how you turn out to be also has to do with that. Like the article said, Tony Stark and Captain Rogers are the complete opposite.

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