hunger games: for girls only

Read this blog please…

…and then respond to this prompt.

Do you agree with the writer of the blog?  What do  you think the Hunger Games book/movie and its popularity reveal about American culture?  Why has it been so popular?  What has it touched on that has so resonated with Americans?

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31 Responses to hunger games: for girls only

  1. Anonymous says:

    I say I have to agree with the writer. We as American girls are sick of being told how to look and what to do. We understand that they have set an impossible bar but then at the same time we want to achieve it. It’s a tug of war really, we don’t want to be what they want but we also want to be part of the in crowd and the fashionable. I think this says a lot about our culture. You would think that after all this media would get a hint of what people want but they still continue advertising the same way and that’s because it sells. So my question is when will it be to much, when will we push back.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Kristin in that we care about looks, especially considering how American culture is, but we don’t and try not to care about looks. It makes it even more difficult when the media is shoving it in our faces so that it is impossible to ignore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would have to agree with the writer. I think through the Hunger Games, movie and/or book, there is a lot revealed about American culture. One thing that is revealed about American culture is that people care a lot about appearances, looks, and are very materialistic. It also shows how self- absorbed we really are. Every thing is about us and no one else. I think the Hunger Games has been very popular because of the romance and the fact that we can relate in that all their culture, like ours, cares about is looks and appearances.

    • Merissa says:

      I agree with Kenzie that in our culture we are self-absorbed. It seems like everything in our lives revolves around what will make us happy, what will be best for us, and what we want. I believe that as time goes on, our culture becomes more and more revolved around us and the idea of self-sacrifice and doing things for others is slowly dying away.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the people who care about appearance are not only Americans. So, everyone all around the world care about that and try to look better. So, each county has its own culture like dressing.

      James Jee

  3. Merissa says:

    I agree with the writer of this article about how the worldly desires such as beauty and love are pushed on to Katniss. It seems that beauty and having a relationship are crucial to Katniss’ survival and I believe that that is something that girls are tricked into believing today. We believe that our life will be happier if we are pretty and if boys like us, and in order to achieve these things, girls find themselves completely changing who they are just so they can feel accepted. Although beauty and love aren’t the key to happiness, it is hard to convince people otherwise when they see people all around chase after beauty and love and seem to be content.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree becasue Katniss doesn’t really care for apperances but the capital tells her she has to do it to be the best, to win. Just like America with the media telling us how to look so we can look better than everyone else

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Melissa. We do feel better when we have boys and others attention. We belive that those things make us happy and so we strive to get them. It is hard to convince peole that that’s not what they need.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the writer about Hunger Games and how looks and appearances matter to our culture as well. I also think that our culture is like the Hunger Games because we want to be on top to be successful. In the Hungers games the most successful live in the capital and it goes down from there. Like in American culture to be very successful you have to be on top and out shine everyone else just like Katniss does by winning. However she tries to stop her culture and make it better. I think this movie was so popular because we like the action and the romance and also we as Americans like to root for the underdog which is Katniss coming form the poorest part in the

    • Mikey says:


      I have only seen the movie, so I really didn’t realize the poor aspect of it. Going from poor to famous is one of our culture’s dreams. We defiantly root for the underdogs… sometimes. I must admit that I would have liked the movie just as much it Cato killed Peta and Katniss…
      But anyway. I defiantly agree with you. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I do agree with you Kaylee. We are all about success and being known for it as well. Today, people like to think they are better than others because of the more money they have and the more they own. Just like in the Hunger Games, the most successful live in the capitol with tons of food and everything they need and more. The capitol praises these people because they are thought to be the best.


    • Thanh Nguyen says:

      I agree with you Kaylee. The definitions and prejudices about appearance, satisfaction, materials in our society had accidentally penetrated and ingrained into the minds of people that enough for them to define their goal to strive, to achieve in order to assert their values . I also agree that this fiction novel is appreciated because it also is American favorite’s type: action and fantasy but deep and meaningful.

  5. Mikey says:

    THEY RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!! I love the Hunger Games, but pointing the message that is hidden underneath the story ruins it!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O ;( ;O

    But… I do agree that this is an image of our culture. The story does show these messages, but I hadn’t really noticed the underneath… The story on top is what grabbed me and drew me into the story, but this conclusion does seem legit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the writer about the Hunger Games and, as part of our culture, we care about our looks as well. Although, Katniss does stand against her culture and I feel like we as Americans just kind of go with things. We don’t want to stand out and do something about it. It is part of our culture to be able to blend in. Katniss doesn’t really care what the capitol thinks of her. She’s confident as to who she is and today, we just mimic everyone else; it’s the pressure of fitting in. I think that we like this movie because of the romance, drama, and action. We like watching because it makes us feel better watching something that makes us happy we aren’t one of them, fighting till one remains.


  7. Erin says:

    I personally agree with the writer. I think that as girls we are pushed into a culture that is made by the media, and forced to look and act certain ways. It’s really hard to go against the crowd, so most people in our culture today just don’t, like most in the Hunger Games (except Katniss). This story reveals that we actually all want to go against our culture, and we all want to be like Katniss for this reason. I think this story has really resonated with Americans because while our culture is telling us all to act and look a certain way, there is really hope that we can break away from that and be our own person.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are right on for a hope of trying to break away from culture. People want to be free of the expectation and burden put upon our shoulders. What the Hunger Games does is give America hope for a culture without impossible expectations to meet.

      -Allison (2nd period)

      • Jonnie says:

        Spennende dette Marit, og så mye lekkert i katlgoaen. Den skal jeg ønske meg sammen med bestilling som kommer:) ha en fin kveld og klem fra meg;)

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Teenage girls today love the idea of being different. We want to stick out, but not for the wrong reasons. We want to break away from all the pressure that is put on us to become what everyone is expecting.


  8. Anonymous says:

    The writer really hit the nail on the head in this article. Her innocence for justice captured everyone’s heart, not only in the movie but among the audience too! We don’t just love the action or romance packed into the movie but the moral that lies beneath it. America watches the struggle of a young woman in an tyrant situation fighting for survival. In a way it is a parallel story for most teenage girls. We fight against the entertainment demand that has been placed upon us. Including the physical aspect and our “emotional problems.” We have become a joke to some people, for being little girls desperate for attention. Today woman are trying to fight against that stereotype just like Katniss fights against becoming a puppet. No wonder this movie/book has captured many hearts of woman, and families all over.

    -Allison (2nd period)

    • Nicole says:

      I agree that women have become seen as whiny/weak people who are all self absorbed. Katniss changes this stereotype by caring and being obviously strong.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Alli. We all want to be the strong, courageous, independent and fighting woman that Katniss is, whatever that may mean. Fighting against society is something that everybody experiences and knows so it’s not a surprise this book was so popular.


  9. Nicole says:

    I agree with the writer. Girls get caught up in our culture in the ways we “should” dress and act. We all want to be our own person and go against the tide. Girls don’t want to be categorized by what society thinks they are because girls want to be unique. The Hunger Games illustrates this in an extreme way. Katniss is being forced to be what society wants to see. If she fails, her life is threatened. Deep down, though, she is always secretly rebelling and doing her own thing. I think the idea of this book sort of mirrors today’s obsession with hipsters. People, especially girls want to be liked without trying and don’t want to be categorized as ‘ordinary.’

  10. Thanh Nguyen says:

    I agree with the writer of the blog. The Hunger Game reflects a reality in our society: people base their purpose of life on the social tendency.
    The definitions and prejudices about beauty, satisfaction, materials, and amusements had accidentally penetrated and ingrained into the minds of people that enough for them to define their goal to strive, to achieve in order to assert their values. Therefore, people gradually compete to each other in the race that they accidentally create about money, social position, pleasure and fame; as same as the extreme competition between the teenage players in the Hunger Game, willing to kill each other only for wining and surviving.
    The Hunger Game also reflects the tendency and definition of our society about a perfect woman: beautiful, young, talented, successful,…It’s interesting to see that these standards only focusing on the appearance more than the spiritual value (meaning of life, family, love, honesty, loyalty…) but that’s what the society care about so women try to reach things as much as possible. Although some may feel strange and realize the importance of spiritual value and try to build it up but unfortunately themselves are also caught by the fierce rotation shaped by the society and culture: everyone appreciate those definition and willing to do anything to achieve the best goals. Why do you disagree with them? You think who you are, wanna be isolated?
    Because of its profound moral values, The Hunger Game received the popularity and support from people because it’s like sympathy and bravery that wake up a society where people seem to lose their feelings to realize and respect the meaning of life.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the writer about her conclusions of American culture. We are completely focused on entertainment and beauty, it seems, and one day it could literally consume us, taking over our culture like in the Hunger Games. I think the Hunger Games is so popular because it puts you in the mind of Katniss and you begin to feel what she does; for her family, the Capitol, and everyone. While it is set in a considerably worse future, the culture seems to be the same; just exaggerated. Katniss portrays in the Hunger Games her independence and how upset she is with the culture. I think this is what every girl wants to do. While we hate parts of our culture and how much is forced upon us, most of us are too scared to do anything about it. Deep down we wish we had the courage to stand up to culture and those around us. I think this is why Katniss and the Hunger Games are so popular. She represents that need in every girl to be strong and stand up for what we believe and not what our culture believes in.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Appearance was made with our sin. So, human have been considered appearance is important since the sin. So, my opinion is importance of appearance is not only part of American culture. Everyone all around the world want to look good and try to look better. So, something for appearance like makeup and dressing has been developed. So, that’s not only American culture and we need to think about it in Christianity.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Everyone can relate with the hunger games in one way or the other, making this book so popular. As a teenage girl, I think that it resonates with us because Katniss didn’t conform to the pressure of her culture. Like Katniss, we are stuck in a culture that has a twisted version of “normal”, mainly influenced by the media. I think that, like Katniss, we want to rebel form the norm.


  14. Katie O says:

    Even though I havent read the Hunger games I can see many of the characteristics described in the blog in today’s world. Many girls are no longer happy with being the “damsel in distress” and wish to be more self sufficient, that is why i believe this book is so monumental. It shows us that the old stereotype isnt the only way to find a happy ending. It shows a lot of how our culture has changed to become more accepting of women taking a leading role as well.

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